August 26, 2009

Jamie & Sol's Engagement Shoot - Oahu

Jamie and Sol are the cutest couple. Even though I just met them it's obvious they are made for each other. I had so much fun shooting their engagement photos at sunrise and can't wait for their wedding in October 2010.

Their wedding is being designed by Passionroots. I met the owner Shilhi Seibel last year at Angie and Derek's wedding and she does beautiful designs:

August 8, 2009

Jill & Kevin's Unexpected Wedding Entrance

For those of you who haven't seen this yet, sit back and enjoy, join their dance or even get all teary-eyed like me. It's the coolest wedding idea I've seen so far, and believe me I've seen hundreds of weddings. The couple, Jill and Kevin, brought a part of themselves to the ceremony. It is unique and personal, yet so unexpected; everyone in the room was in awe. Even better, after the video went viral they applied it to a good cause by asking for donations towards violence prevention.

Cheers to them.

August 7, 2009

Julie & Jonson - becoming a family

I recently photographed the Jong family. I was so happy to hear from them because I couldn't wait to see their new family addition, Gisella. We met back in 2007 when I took their engagement photos at the beautiful grounds of The Contemporary Museum. Their wedding was held at Central Union Church and the reception was at my favorite hotel, the Royal Hawaiian.
I saw them again when Julie was pregnant with Gisella, so radiant looking with her pretty belly.
One more reason to love this job - witnessing people falling in love and new families growing...

The Engagement

The Wedding

The Family

August 3, 2009

Babies break dancing!

This might be an oldie for you already but I just found it and almost wet my pants laughing! It's an ad for Evian water. On their website they even have fake interviews with the babies. It's so hilarious!